The Scaling Ballgame

Although it’s not simple, as an agile community we “know” how to do agile in teams. One of the next challenges is scaling agile to the programm- or portfolio level. In this game you will experience all kinds of manmade scaling issues. Do you have an idea that will make scaling easier? Try your idea in the simulation and get instant feedback.

The Scaling Ballgame is based on the Ballpointgame, which is a simulation on selforganization in a single team, put on steroids.

During the game you will experience scaling issues that occur when multiple teams work on the same product. These Teams will look for solutions to scaling issues and experiment in an iterative way with their ideas on solving them..

It was co-created by Markus Wissekal & Yves Hanoulle.

Learning Objectives:
Attendees will face a series of typical scaling challenges like:

* team synchronisation
* distributed departments
* efficiency
* standardisation
* optimisation of expertise

Number of Participant:
minimum: 5
maximum: 60 (but we could scale up to 120 with more balls)

90 Minutes

Game Slam
Location: ALE 2016 Date: August 31, 2016 Time: - Markus Wissekal Yves Hanoulle