Shades of leadership

ScrumMasters and Agile Coaches are expected to be leaders. But what does it mean in practice? How I can tell if I’m a leader? Do I need to be a leader all the time and in all situations? Or maybe there are different kinds of leadership, which leads to different behaviors and thus to different results.

Retrospecting on four years of co-organizing ALE Krakow, I’ve identified five shades of leadership that helps me understand my approach to communities I’m involved in. These are not different leadership styles you should use nor trophies, you’re expected to collect. This mental model helps me better understand my intentions, goals I’m trying to achieve and actions I’m going to take.

During this workshop, I want to share with you the model itself, what did I learn from it and how you can use it to identify your role in different societies you live in. We will also look at the questions you can ask to clarify your intentions, goals and behaviors. Hopefully you’ll get better understanding of your role as a leader.

Timing: optimal 45 minutes +/- 15 minutes
nb of participants: up to 100 🙂
Style: workshop + lecture
this session was first delivered during ACC Poland 2016.


Option 6
Location: ALE 2016 Date: August 30, 2016 Time: - Tomasz Wykowski