SAFe 4.0 – and one more angry level

Every year a new version of SAFe. That shows SAFe lives. But that also shows – unfortunately – SAFe grows. Where will it end? Approximately described in this  Tweet?

On the other hand, there is reassuring, for example, the presentation of Henrik Kniberg “Is SAFe evil? Scaled Agile Framework is controversial: – At first glance SAFe looks a bit like a big scary heavy-weight top-down RUP zombie. But. what about in real life? This talk is based on our experience doing this at Lego with about 15-20 teams for 9 months and counting. We’ll tell you our story so far, and reflect on the evilness or non-evilness of SAFe . And we might even tell you what the “e” in SAFe stands for. ”

The lecture will put the changes in SAFe in its context and explain where they can be applied and, in particular, as with any framework, where not!

Something physical or spiritual
Location: ALE 2016 Date: August 30, 2016 Time: - Kurt Jaeger