ALE16 will be (as far as we know) the first crowd-sponsored agile unconference!

Chime in a little Money and Tell All Your Friends!

Usually companies sponsor conferences with a big amount of money and some expectation around marketing …

ALE has always been sponsored by companies who wanted to support the community rather than sell us something.

Similar to democratising more of the program, we want to distribute the sponsoring to everyone. It’s really easy through our registration to just sponsor with a small amount of money. What’s far more important than the money is that you spread the news: come to ALE 🙂

sponsor here

Sponsor here! You can share your sponsoring purpose, and we’ll create an artful presentation at the event from those.

If you want a more classical approach and paying by credit card doesn’t work for you: You can find more sponsoring information here.

Crowd-Sponsoring Friends

Olaf has written about his reasons for crowd-sponsoring here.

Statement for Clarification

ALE does not offer special conditions for anyone. We all contribute to the event, we all make it awesome, we all pay. We ask everyone (speaker, sponsor, …) to pay as much as they want. Crowd-sponsoring money is an additional support on top of your participation fee.