WHEN 29 - 31 August
WHERE Paris Maison des Associations
10/18 rue des Terres au Curé, 75013

Welcome to ALE16 !

Welcome, Bienvenue, Hello ALE16 participant! We are looking forward to seeing you next Monday in Paris!

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ALE 2016 - 5 Years after Berlin

Failure is an Option

We want to amplify the “un” in unconference. We want to turn the knobs up even more on “we share because we care”. In the spirit of the late David Bowie, who wrote in Berlin: “We can be heroes…” Let’s upgrade: We want to take some risks, deviate from well-established paths, and create a gathering for practitioners that is even more open for our potential to emerge in the moment. We propose to abandon pre-planned talks and workshops, “normal” conference sessions. And add some crazy bits, like magic and dancing, meditation and movement, coding in ways never seen before…

Draft Plan

We want to reserve more time for content created on site, in the moment: open space, lightning talks, pecha kuchas. Some events that are shared for all, like magic, theatre, movement, will be planned, but no classical conference sessions. We want to have all participants be equal, no special treatments for organisers, speakers, … We want pricing to be flexible, so that people who can afford it pay a little more, and people with less money (or who need to pay a hotel) pay less. We want sponsorship to be distributed, so that everyone can contribute to the event according to their capacity.

What have we learned in 5 years?

The ALE community is a community of practitioners. We are creative, spontaneous, caring, and we love sharing. We don’t need a lot of planned content in advance, we like creating together, on site. ALE always was a special, non-standard conference, why not make it even more so? ALE2011 was organised by more than 40 people from 14 countries. Now we know how to make it lean :-) We started setting up the basic infrastructure (association, money, location) with a local team of enthusiasts in Paris. Now we need help to add the details…


Based on this draft plan and on what we learned in the previous years, we designed an agenda skeleton.

Now it's your turn to play! Get involved, propose a session and build together the best final agenda.

The call for papers is opened until the program is over.

Kids and Spouses Program

ALE2016, like the previous editions, wants to be a place of joy for participants. Inspiration comes from those things that are the most important in our lives. So we want to make it easy for you to stay surrounded by everything that makes your live thrive. For all these reasons, kids and spouses are invited to ALE2016. What drive our professional lives isn't the latest hack of Fortune 100, or the newest widget in our professional portfolio. We want to honour all working mums and dads who pair with their spouses to bring up the family and a better world all together. ALE2016 wants to create this year again the a thriving continuum of life family and professional fun work. We're about to cook our program for the kids and spouses and that eventually will be - among others - coding for kids of al ages from 5 to 75 - Scrum at school experiment, beautiful Paris sightseeing and many others. Tell us what how do you want us to organise your family time ? Crazy ideas are welcomed!

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